Choosing weapons can be fun, but finding the right Gadgets decides the battle results.
Gadgets are used mainly for their utilities and based heavily on user's preferences. Some players want aggressive explosive equipment, some prefer items that promote sustainability.
Gadgets are necessary for robots, sometimes, they can turn the tide. Each has a specific application, such as speed booster, explosive, lift, and many more.r
Stats for Gadgets:
  • Health: Bonus HP for the Robot when equipped
  • Magic: Bonus stats which appear proportionally based on the gadget's rarity.
  • Power: Gadget's amount of energy required to be assembled to the Body. Rarer Gadgets have more power, or in other words, consume more energy from the Body.
  1. 1.
    Plasma Booster
At the start of the match after 1s will push a strong force backwards
Plasma Booster
2. Reverse Booster
When starting the match after 1s will push a strong force forward
Reverse Booster
3. Sonic Explosive
Explodes when it touches the opponent and pushes the opponent backwards
Sonic Explosive
4. Gyratory Forklift
Continuously spin from front to back. Lift your opponent up and make them flip.
Garatory Forklift
5. Repair Kit
After the health is halved, it will restore some health within 3s Shoots immediately after
Repair Kit
6. Harpoon Gun
Lifter is active, hooks and pulls himself towards the opponent then attaches himself to the opponent for 3s
Harpoon Gun
7. Lifter Mortar
Instantly fires a rocket with a hook at the opponent and pulls them up
Lifter Mortar
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