Starbots are creative in making stylist Robot Bodies.
To put the other parts together, players must first choose a Body. Each Body type's shape and weight provide distinct characteristics when compared to others.
Bodies have various stats that impact the result of battles:
  • Magic: Bonus stats which spawn at different proportion
  • Health: The Robot's Basic Health
  • Energy: the capacity that allows players to attach parts to their robots. Better weapons and gadgets require more energy because they have more power, so the body with a higher tier (better amount of energy capacity) will have more room for them.
  • Number of slots: Assembling slots.
These figures will be determined by the items' tiers and rarity (drop rate), ranging from Iron as the most abundant (Common and Uncommon) to Diamond as the rarest (Legendary) that players can obtain.
Body list:


The body type has the shape of a boulder. There is a central focus. Easy to roll. There is a high chance of returning to the balance position when flipped. Easy to roll over opponents if using thrusters. Moderate defender

2. Sandstorm

Body type is somewhat smaller than other body types. Its pyramidal shape and solid center of gravity make it difficult to tip over from direct thrust.

3. Turbo

The small body type slopes down the front. Turbo usually has a low health, but in return is a good combat ability. It can dodge enemy attack equipment if placed too high.

4. Battleship

Battleship is rectangular in shape but rounded at the front. It is a counter to Turbo. Its shape makes it difficult to flip, but when flipped, it is easy to lose.

5. Paragon

The basic body type has a slightly rearward center of gravity, and is at a normal level. Easily overturned by lifting device.

6. Colossus

Tall body type is bigger than most of the rest. It usually has superior health and strength but is prone to flipping.

7. Behemoth

It is the most difficult body type to roll over, due to its sloping back and rounded front body shape.

8. Gemstone

This is the reverse body type of Pyramid, quite rare and difficult to use. But if you know how it will be very powerful.
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