GEAR - In-game token can be used to upgrade your Body and parts.
Body & parts each has 100 level scaling from 1 to 100. Reaching level 10, 30, 50, 70, 100 requires BOT to unlock fusion upgrade to higher levels.
Leveling your parts will enhance their power and the chance of Magic appearance.
Part level
Part level is an important attribute of each part - It reflects the progress of part's strength development.
Players use GEAR tokens and BOT tokens with special levels (10-30-50-70-100) to upgrade parts.
  • Starting cost: 6 GEAR
  • Cost of upgrading to the next level = Previous cost x Price factor (price factor will change following level range)
  • Strength after upgrading = Previous strength * Power-up factor (price factor will change following level range and milestone level)
At each certain level milestone, players can use the crafting feature to upgrade the part level with a huge boost in power and have a chance to get more Magic (bonus percentage increase in combo power).
Level 10
Level 30
Level 50
Level 70
Level 100
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