Battery is a stat of the body representing for the number of turns that you can play. Each body has a permanent number of batteries depending on the type and tier.
Body detail
When the body joins the battle (PvP or PvE), the battery will decrease. When the body runs out of battery, you will not be able to use that one until you charge it fully. In case the battery is low, the player can bring the body to charge at the charging station and wait for a while (not using Gear to perform this action). Charging 1 battery takes 864s and the system will automatically calculate the time (hh:mm:ss) it could take to fully charge the body.
Charging Station
At the station, each player is provided with 1 default slot to charge, so the player can only charge 1 body once. During the charging process of a body, if you need to charge a more necessary body, you can stop the charging process of the current body and start the charging process for the one you need.
How to expand the charging slot in the station?
Coming soon...
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