Slot of body

The slot is the position in the body to assemble weapons or gadgets or wheel to build a robot capable of fighting. Depending on the body type, they will have different numbers and positions in the slot, but all of the body will always have 2 stable positions to assemble wheels.
Behemoth and Paragon
Turbo and Battleship
Beetle and Gemstone
Sandstorm and Colossus
With each body, the system will rely on tier and type to perform randomly assemble weapons and gadgets from 2 to 4 slots (not counting 2 slots for the wheel). The higher tier of the body, the better chances to have more slots on the body.
Attention: all of the robot’s images had sold on Marketplace only for reference, the system will generate the number of slots on the body following given logic after swap to the parts.
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