When the best strategic mind out wins the crypto luck.
Starbots is structured to be a journey across different planets in a galaxy paralel to the human universe. Being in character with the intelligent Stardogs, players' mission is to collect & customize your own fighting robots to attend battles and complete missions.
Throughout the Starbots adventure, players will be able to engage in not only a profitable but also entertaining gaming experience:
  • The body parts of each robot will function automatically to destroy that of the enemies, thus, creates an unpredictable and entertaining battle.
  • The diverse selection of the in-game components allows players to customize battle robots to their own liking.
  • Different weapons when combined with different body parts produce a robot with a completely random principle of operation. Winning a battle then will not only depends on the strength and luck of the body parts, but also on the player's logic to combine them.
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