PvP Mode

Players can enjoin in intense PvP matches, in both normal game mode or ranked mode. Climbing the rank system will be more interesting more than ever.
Starbots system has the in-game mechanism where a player finds a match to fight against others in the battlefield. There are 2 modes: Attacking Mode & Defensive Mode, each of which will have a unique operation.
  • Attacking Mode: Players bring their robots to combat with others and take 1 battery of robot's body to perform this action. You can earn DP when winning battles and decrease DP when losing a match based on the DP formula. More details on the DP and ELO formula:
  • Defensive Mode: Players will be attacked by others with their available robot in the garage appearing at the first position in the main screen. Players will gain DP on successful defense and lose DP if failed in enemy invasion.
PvP battle
Starbots Championship

Starbots championship - Ranking System

The championship can be thought of as the "Main Quest" in the game. The ranking system in Starbots consists of 8 levels, each level is divided into 3 divisions (I, II, III), in which division III is the lowest rank and rank I is the highest rank.
You progress through each tier by earning Dog Points (DP) for each game you win. The exact score is determined by your Matchmaking Rating (MMR). If you attacked and defeated an enemy who has DP higher than you, the numbers of DP you earn will be more than defeated enemy has lower DP than you. You will lose DP when you lose the battle or give up.
At the end of the championship season, both your rank and your DP will be considered your official ranking for that season.
You will then gain in-game rewards at the end of each season, such as Loot Boxes, vGEAR, BOT,... Depending on which rank you finished in, the amount and quality of rewards you earn will increase.
Requirements: Each battle costs 1 Battery of body which is assembled your fighting robot.
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