PvE Mode

Storyline mode
PvE Mode - a.k.a storyline / campaign mode will lure the players into the Starbots world where they can try to conquer different planets by getting through multiple stages to meet the bosses and defeat them.
It all starts on a Plutonet, a ruined planet ravaged by war. The player takes the role of a dog who has lost a loved one in a battle and is determined to stand up and fight to regain peace for Plutonet. After regaining control of Plutonet, the player will continue to conquer other planets in outer space.
The Plutonet Universe has a total of six planets for players to conquer: The Beaglerest, The Corgist, The Huskitory, The Goldenars, and The Bullians, each with 20 to 50 stages.
Every time 5 levels pass, players will have to battle a special planet BOSS. Defeating the BOSS will net you a good chunk of rewards.
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